The Pride of New York Concert Saturday May 20 @ 8PM

Admission $20 ~ Children only $5
Four giants of traditional Irish music, Brendan Dolan, Brian Conway, Joanie Madden & Bill McComiskey have pooled their talents to create the East Coast’s premier not-for-profit live Irish Traditional Music band. They take their name from the rich wellspring where they grew up at the forefront of the extraordinary renaissance of traditional music in the 1970s & ‘80s. Don’t miss their debut performance at the GAC.
For Reservations or more information call 203-257-8737 or email or

Oral Video History Project
The Feile, Inc. sponsored Oral Video History Project is moving forward. We began by collecting interviews from fifty six subjects. They graciously shared their own unique emigration stories with remembrances, feelings, thoughts and insights. We then copied each interview to a dvd and presented one to each person interviewed. Our plan is to continue interviews, as well as making available the recorded interviews for research, study and promoting our Irish Culture.
We will also be applying for grants to fund the making of documentary film. We are, therefore, looking for people with documentary skills: editors; film makers; videographers; and production people. We welcome your support. The steering committee for the project are: Joan Klienknecht, Eileen Lynam . Noel McGovern, John Minehan and Peg O’Leary. For more info: Peg O’Leary at: