Failte Committee

We are looking for volunteers to sit at the front door on St. Patrick’s Day. We will have 2 hour shifts starting at 10AM. We will need 2 people at the door for each time slot. If there is an overwhelming surge of volunteers, we may be able to arrange 1 hour shifts. These volunteer slots fill up quickly so call in your preferred times ASAP! New volunteers are welcome – it’s the best seat in the Club that day!!

To volunteer for the ‘door’, please call Bette Leary at 203-767-0117. Time slots will be given out with the caller’s preference as they come in.

ALL MEMBERS will be required to show their membership card or pay the $5 guest fee.

All guests will be charged $5 on St. Patrick’s day. Be sure to have your membership card with you. Many of the door volunteers don’t know long standing members by sight or by name so PLEASE have your card with you.